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Nationals & Worlds Roll Call


Continuing the discussion from Philadelphia Regionals 2014 1st Place Report:

Not sure if anyone really cares, but thought I’d start to put up a place to take attendance for Nationals & Worlds. Any ancillary discussions about the two is also welcome.

Spoiler: I’ll be at both.


Nationals but probably not Worlds (isn’t it somewhere around the North Pole?).


Wrong time of the year, it’s somewhere in the South.


I’ll be at both as well.


I’m like, 95% sure of getting to Worlds. Won’t be going to Nationals, though.


I will be at both for sure, playing Day 2 at Nationals.


won’t be at nationals, will be at worlds


Worlds for sure, possibly coming with a large posse on a $150 round trip flight I found.


I will be at nationals, will probably be at worlds.


definitely worlds. I’ll be there during nationals but its my son’s first ever trip to the con (he’s 10) and supporting him in his first pokemon tourney.


For Worlds, book at the Radisson. It’s close (walking distance), you can hot tub time machine with @dashakan, and if you mention you’re there for FFG, it’s $100/night for a 2 double bed room.


do you have to qualify for Worlds? or can anyone attend with a $40 registration?


Definitely the latter. National winners get the super bye.


Whoa whoa whoa stop the clock… er time machine. Surely you will be joining me in the hottest of hot tubs? (no joke, the hot tub at the Radisson was so hot last year you couldn’t stay in for more then a few seconds without getting burned and turning bright red).


Nationals, doubtful. Worlds, yes! I think you knew that though, right roomie?



Nats Yes (playing Friday) and Worlds probably not.


Already had out nationals in the UK.
Worlds… no (unless someone can spot me the air fare?)


When and where are the worlds going to be this year?


At the FFG Event Center, which is in Roseville, Minnesota, USA.

Their World Championship Weekend is Nov 6-9 this year, but the schedule within that isn’t out yet. Last year the Netrunner was Fri-Sat with a second chance tourney on the Sunday.