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New tournament rules: IDs and Concessions now legal

Also head to head is now the highest breaker and you can’t use clear sleeves any more.


At Formal and Premier level events.

https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/3/16/coveted-data/ says Regionals are Formal level. So I guess SCs are fine with Relaxed and at least there using clear sleeves will not be a problem.

Is there any software available which calculates new tiebreakers correctly? I’m TOing a SC on April 3rd and it would be nice to not have to calculate this manually.

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Bittersweet. I like my penny sleeves but I also like conceding. :expressionless:

No MWL changes yet; interesting. It is good that they are now allowing concessions by the rules, but did anyone else here just do it anyway before this? I know I did.


I would say I scoop pretty frequently (on the Netrunner scale) especially online. I don’t have tons of free time and while I know it’s always in the realm of possibility for me to scrabble back from losing 6 points to a first turn TME, I’m not interested in spending my casual free time on such an endeavor. I want to play Netrunner, not NetRNGer.


There were a few controversies when some in-my-country events had some ID’s last year.

Casually I didn’t care about concessions; we’re all on our own timeframes. It’ll be a small adjustment for me competitively, mostly because I’ve never played anything else where concessions were permitted :smile:

EDIT: I wonder how many troll-deck wins I can get at events now… :joy:

So now that we can win by crushing our opponent’s hopes and dreams, who wants to start workshopping IT Dept. IG decks?


I’ve already had people want to concede from the moment IG hits the table. It doesn’t need to get worse.

If you want to artificially draw a match, you have to call a neutral party over before you even raise the subject with your opponent. So at least when the final round begins you’ll be able to see which muppets have their hands in the air for a judge and figure out who thinks they aren’t good enough to win properly. :wink:


The floor rules say Store champs are “competitive”, which is the old “formal”.

I am so happy to see Netrunner moving forward and improving it’s tournament rules!


How do you allow IDs but ban collusion to manipulate scoring, which is exactly what an ID is


Agreed. FFG OP as whole, really. It feels like they’re finally listening to their communities and positioning themselves to really, really grow their competitive scenes in a lot of games.


The inference seems to be that in this particular case of collusion the normal rules don’t apply, since it’s specifically noted as being permissable.

i’m not completely surprised by allowing concessions, but allowing an intentional round split seems weird to me.

also, i know that it will make the tournament go on a bit longer, but i love that head-to-head is used first over SoS for tie breakers

The idea, I think, is that while splits shouldn’t be done simply to ensure that someone makes a cut, for instance (which is collusion and should be disapproved by the TD), there’s no problem if it’s the end of the day and the last round and both sides are tired and want to go home early. I suspect in practice it simply won’t be allowed for those at the top tables - though that’s dependent on the TD of course.

At the top tables is the only time you really hear about IDs as an issue though.


Also, I really wish that they’d import a modified-Median tiebreaker system. If (after H2H) the tie breaker is SOS normalized by numbers of games each opponent played, then modified-Median would do the same but dropping the highest and lowest-scoring opponent (after normalization). This helps to remove outliers and rewards a consistent higher-quality level of opponent as opposed to a single strong or weak opponent skewing your SOS.


That may be, but it was technically illegal beforehand. If nothing else this codifies it as an option.

If TOs make it common practice to forbid IDs whenever the requesting players are in contention for the cut, then this rule will be as bad or worse than what it was before. Got my hopes up, though.