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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


Thanks Dan. You do a fine job of putting every camp in their place, and make it entertaining to boot.


I am a bit ophiophobic


Oh please, PLEASE review this DotW…


Oh god, I can’t stop laughing. It gets better the deeper you go.

Even the deck name as a pun is brilliant.

Well done.


I cut a lot of jokes out too for fear of overdoing it. Also someone beat me to Snakes On A Plane, was going to do an X’ed out Sam Jackson.


Your nefarious plan worked, @mediohxcore. Your foray into NRDB has proven fruitful, and you are king of the Nerdbears for a week.


He used TWO image macros. New NRDB meta.


It’s sad that we don’t see any more of these articles. I get why chill left the competitive scene, but still, can’t we have our Nerdbear of the week still?


Writing articles takes effort


but but but… why? Fine, I get it.


I am mad hot tubs didn’t get one. I basically tried to get dotw just so I would get a Nrdbir.


If you start a patreon ill give you $4


Here, I’ll write one:

Damon, please ban MCH.

The End.


Fixed that for ya. MCH is not the major problem here. Faust, Mumba, and Museum need a nuke.
Then we can move onto David, Parasite, Pancakes, and MCH. First things first people.


Then Corroder, ETF, Wall of Static, and Paper Tripping.


What is a “Corroder”? I seem to recall some kind of pauper’s Faust that only breaks one type of ICE…why would you play that.


Oh my gosh I am still laughing from the latest NRDBDOTW. Make Netrunner fun again!


So why are all the comments from this Dydra guy collapsed?

Edit: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/17571/great-demon-soul-sucking-spear-of-the-havens-err-what-

I suppose that might be why. That must stink though how every time you post a comment it is collapsed.


Dydra earned every bit of that soft-ban. The dude was toxic in every thread he touched, in a way both legendary and pathetic.


Now he posts on ThronesDB, and occasionally mentions how he was famous on NRDB. Dude’s delusional.