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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


When did Dydra get (soft) banned? I’m not sad to see him gone, but I hadn’t noticed his comments were all hidden until now (I certainly didn’t miss them).

The last time I remembered seeing him, he was being a jerk to someone who at first responded civilly, but then turned even nastier than I’d ever noticed Dydra being.

Are there other people who have received the same punishment?


I always thought it was a great sign of respect when you got Dydra trolled. It meant your deck had game.


I often took it as Dydra was was not very bright, didn’t know how the cards worked, and refused to learn when people told him how the cards worked. Despite his staggering lack of knowledge on the subject, he had very strong opinions anyways.

I wish I could find the lists where he got into the same argument repeatedly, I want to say it was the negative hand-size kill condition that he didn’t get, but commented on it being impossible or ‘not in the rules’ several times.


Person was a real Bug, if you know what I mean.


He had a really inimitable smug style too.

I’m not one to mock somebody for being ESL (I assume, based on his rather idiosyncratic deployment of prepositions etc.) but it was the attempt to be sly without actually achieving it that got up one’s nose.

“Now of course this deck is all very special, until of course I am playing [Card X]…you seem to miss that I have 89% win rate against strong meta deploying better version of this deck. I do not see what is the strength of these cards as you assemble them, but I am aware that it takes a great deal of time to make a very competitive deck…come play me and I will show you what it is that you are missing…:)”


Thanks for all the support guys, quick poll – would you be interested in reading a non-netrunner centric comedy blog? I’ve been writing a bunch of scraps while working on projects lately, and I’m thinking about starting a new humor project.

Main inspirations being things like McSweeny’s Internet Tendency


As long as someone can write a scathing review of each article and post it here.


what does “non-netrunner centric” mean? no netrunner at all, or still small but constant amounts? if it’s got no netrunner then personally not going to read because there are so many other options and not a big fan of comedy on average. If there’s some netrunner in it then probably would put it into my regular netunner read time because I can never find enough netrunner stuff to find :slight_smile:

edit: netrunner




In season 2 of NRDBir Jim’s feelings for Pam continue to grow, their relationship becomes one of the focal points for the season.


Absolutely killed the bullet listing of the decks you didn’t review. I nearly spit out my coffee.

Great return, glad to see you’re back at it :slight_smile:


Here are some interesting facts I found about silver that aren’t made up

:lollipop: :smile:

Welcome back, ChillSilver84! Glad your breakfast and hydration strategy saw you safely through the desert of Jank al-HassNews, the worst place Lukas invented.


[quote]Webster’s Dictionary defines Silver as
“a light meal eaten in the middle of the day.” Silver is the 69th
element on the periodic table. It is atomically different from potassium
bromide by 2 neutrons. In the 14th century, farmers used to plant
silver shavings in their fields believing them to grow victory points.
This practice formed the inspiration for Uwe Rosenberg’s award winning Agricola.[/quote]

Spit take alert.


Click 1: Install, Click 2: Advance, Click 3: Concede


Something about reading these is almost therapeutic.


I love it! Except for the part where the corp acts like they win when they score their 6th point, I just don’t see that happening.


I love that the same people that fawn over these articles are most likely the same ones up voting these decks. What a vicious cycle.


Hey, I upvoted a completely different less-than-great BoN deck!

I remember because it didn’t have Jackson in it.


I can’t help but agree with the charming author, as usual. I feel the way he felt about the above deck about all the current argus decks as well. In any case, good read as per usual, glad you are back, and maybe I’ll meet you at melbourne regionals!


Bravo, you elitist prick. I love you. :slight_smile: