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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


hmm that 50 on the Crim ID is a bit unfortunate




I’m guessing as a way to balance against Breaker Bay Grid


All your base are belong to us


There’s also the mini-faction cards spoiled (credited to Spoiler Ken):


The Crim & Weyland article for R&R is up: Order and Profit.


HONK HONK, Film Critic


ORDER NOW!!! >> out of stock.


I l l I c i t


I’m surprised no one’s used Under the Bus to make a meme yet.

Replace the Weyland logo with WOTC, the onlookers are the fans, and the victim is the game and devs.


cue the 11 page bgg thread with competing conspiracy memes


…aaaaaand it increasingly looks like everybody is getting shorted on copies of Reign and Reverie.


Is it supposed to be out this week?


I’m curious what they’re gonna do with their tournament if the set is so underprinted that players can’t get their hands on it.


Macaroni picture contest


It’s not available yet - next week - but distribution is saying they are not getting as many as they ordered.


Reverie indeed.


I preordered from 3 different stores in Canada, and today I woke up to 2 emails saying my order was cancelled as they weren’t getting any stock in. These were both FLGS. I have 1 preorder left at 401 games, a high volumes store, but they said they don’t expect to be able to fill all their preorders and weren’t given a heads up that this was going to be shorted.

I don’t see this as FFG. It seems like Asmo just decided to let the bottom fall out since the game was ending anyways.


Either way, gives me zero reason to trust FFG on future card game matters.


I would really like a copy of R&R to feel like the game is “complete.”

Other than that, I’ll never buy another FFG product as long as I live, and will try as hard as I can not to support Asmodee either (but admittedly I don’t know all their subsidiaries).