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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


It sucks, but is there any reason to think they didn’t handle this as well as they could have given the available information and reasonable expectations?


I think it’s pretty clear that FFG stinks. They were in it for the money.

If they cared about the community, they would announce that the game was going open source in some capacity. As is, it seems like they are intentionally leaving the fear of future litigation against their fans hanging in the air. I don’t see a single decision that wasn’t driven purely by profit motivation at any point and in a capitalist system that is their right. But t I for one am certainly not left with any sense of loyalty or respect for how they are leaving things.


Any kind of communication from FFG on the stock topic would be reasonable.

If we knew that this order from their printers was the same as all the deluxes and it’s out of stock because of unexpectedly high demand, than it may be reasonable. But, if they put in a smaller print order because they don’t want to be left with stock they cannot sell or that they sat on the information about ending the game for a while to not have an accurate gauge on demand or the ability to make an print order than I don’t think it was handled very well.

Allowing players to put in orders from their POD facilities with lower quality at discount rate would also be pretty reasonable.


The last part of this sentence does not follow from the first, especially given the licensing constraints that are the cited reason for dropping the game.


I think there is… almost a duty of care that comes with producing something that people in some cases wrap their lives up in, organize their social lives around, and travel long distances to do.

There are some pretty serious potential mental health deltas involved. I was myself depressed and anxious for about three days after the announcement, and I’m a relatively well person. I can’t imagine how someone who’d played the game from the beginning, travelled for it, and made close friends through it would have felt.

We just got “Netrunner’s done, here’s some lame flavour text from M Boggs and that Navarro guy.”

It’s fucking irresponsible, and possibly unsafe.


sorry to break up this well deserved ffg roasting but someones gotta say it: damn liza’s colour palette is so a e s t h e t i c tho


Corporations are always in it for the money.

The problem with FFG is they are bad at being in it for the money. Someone better at would have gauged the demand and adjusted their supply to get the max profit out of the game ending. Or timed the ending announcement enough in advance to get orders and produce stock for completionists.


Agreed. FFG appears to have so colossally screwed up here, the mind boggles. I’ve actually started wondering about a far out theory by a major retailer that suggests this is driven by the fact that Asmodee is in a cash crunch, and that that is also driving the sale of the company. I really did think it was crazy when I first heard it a week ago, but now? It would explain a lot.


An attempt to reduce operating expenditure in order to make the company more floggable on the market seems more likely than WotC “feeling threatened” by a game that’s only moderately successful.

This might raise some eyebrows, but: if the company you work for is in a position to get acquired, don’t get acquired by a company from France. It will be harder than you ever imagined to retain whatever direction you had. Corporate culture in France is bizarre and totally inside-out.


I’m not saying that should be a Netflix Documentary on the loss of Netrunner; but there are enough moving pieces and tin foil hat theories (that are reasonably sound) that I’m also not not saying that.

Or at least have Shut Up and Sit Down (in Partnership with Team Covenant) do a long piece similar to their Space Lions documentary youtube video.


I think I can bring a limited number of german versions to worlds. I don’t think we have the issue with them here, but I will know that for certain when they hit the stores here.
Best for transport will be without or with cutted box though.


@nutritionalzero I’m french and I don’t totally get it.
In my opinion, if you were bought by weirdos, it may be your company previously screwing it up.
Asmodé was a french company. They change their “previously NPC name from a very well known French 90’s dice and paper RPG” (aka the “demon-prince of games” in the very non-politically correct game named In Nomine Satanis, next to Steve Jackson’s us version which is a sweet candy for kids) to Asmodee to make it sounds EU then sold that to an EU fund. It’s mainly a multinational now (I think).

Asmodee is known there as DA GREED, but in reality noone knows for real, and French people tend to call any multinational a DA GREED company (greed is wrong in France and trying to make money for “not virtuous” reasons is wrong there too). They always said “we never interfere”, but who knows. At some point, FFG agreed to screw up there. I don’t see Asmodee come and say “Stop the game rigth now”.

Now if you put $1 here to gain $1.10, and on other games you put $1 to gain $1.20, choices are quickly done imo. It is also the responsibility of many actors there if ANR transformed in what it is today, aka an old 69’ stingray Corvette that start to have rust problems.
Car is superb. But for the same price you have those fancy new cars.



New spoilers from spoiler-ken :smile:

5c Operation

Building Blocks

Reveal 1 Barrier from HQ. Install and rez it, ignoring all costs.

Weyland 4infl

2c Operation

Draw 2 cards. Reveal up to 2 agendas in HQ and/or Archives. Gain 2c for each revealed agenda [spoiler]and shuffle them into R&D.

NBN 2infl

Fly on the Wall

Agenda, 3/1, NBN

When you score ~ give the runner 1 tag.


full r&r spoilers up on reddit.

divert power seems abusable, and district 99 seems interesting in anarch pawnshop, or possibly even Steve/geist with trashables. Could enable some nice DOF spam


Ahah, divide and conquer is very similar to a card I imagined years ago.
This obvioulsy means I’m the True Stealth World Champion. \o/
(so stealthy that only me trully knows)


for ages there’s been a design hole for an HB identity that works around agendas steals/scores (like Haarp, Argus, and PE) and I’ve always been excited to find out what they fill it with. Sportsmetal is the most boring and disappointing outcome


For anyone as lazy as me


I’m practically drooling at the thought of splashing Divert Power into an SSO deck with a bunch of space ice.


I’m darkly amused by the implication that Gnat’s motivation for running is only one or two degrees away from swatting people. Great writing in this pack.