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Reign and Reverie: NEW DELUXE


Man, I dunno. At 2 derezzes, it’s a really bad hedge fund. Installing and rezzing 3 or 4 cards that you don’t mind derezzing to reduce a cost by 9 or 12…is cool, but a little too janky even for my blood. Any card that makes you say “maybe I should just run Eliza’s Toybox” is probably not one that we should be too worried about.

I’d be very worried about Game Changer if it wasn’t for that trash cost. As it is, I’m only slightly worried about it.

Thimblerig is a nice little de-Inversificating Quandary.

In the end, I’m just happy that Shaper came through at the very end with more for Magnet to counter than Trypano and Egret.


It would work pretty well with Adonis. When it has almost run out, derez it and rez it again for 1 credit and you get 12 credits over the next 4 turns (plus whatever was on it before de-rez). It is worth it if you can protect it for that time.

Maybe it could work with Elizabeth Mills and a bunch of Illicit ICE. It does sound a bit janky but it could be fun if it ever comes together.


The synergy between Divert Power and Gatekeeper seems strong too.





idk, turning early game gear checks into fc3 seems pretty good. will be fun in casual decks with space ice, as some have mentioned


AHAHAHA. The Outfit are just crooks. I LOVE it. “Nice rig you got there, be a shame if anything…”


At only 1 influence, I can’t wait to slot Divert Power into an SSO deck.


There’s also Vanillas and any number of 0-cost assets and upgrades that see pretty wide play. I don’t think it’s very hard to get full value out of the card, unless it’s a pretty operation-heavy deck.


These cards all look really cool, even the NBN ones. Really nice note to go on, I wish they could have fleshed out the breaker cycles a bit more though. I like the new ‘caissa’ type cards, Tycoon doesn’t quite seem worth it though.

I like all the theming,and the pushing on new deck types. The HB stuff looks pretty good, but only if you’re playing wierd agenda suites / splashing for -1 pointers.


Breaker Bay Grid, anyone? :smiley:


This set seems like it has the highest percentage of playable cards ever. Most packs are 80 percent jank and a few decent cards but R&R seems brilliantly playable throughout. Truly a bitter-sweet ending point that will always be a reminder of how brealthrough the game was in the process of evolving into.


Agreed. Which is why I’m very interested to see what Boggs gets himself assigned to next.


Can’t recall which podcast it was (maybe RLC?), but they talked about how it seems like the game FINALLY was close to getting a sense of how to build a good Netrunner card. (oh wait, it was Shipment from Chilo).

Considering how challenging the game can be to play, it’s got to be a nightmare to get the cards tweaked just right. On Shipment from Chilo they talked about how if CTM was trace 3 and not trace 4, it could make TONS of difference as to whether it’s Tier 1 or Tier 2.

So in that sense, I’d think we were just leaving the “first phase” of the game design–even though it took 5 years to do so.


Could lend credence to the theory that r & r started life as a full cycle. Cutting the chaff and packing up the wheat as a deluxe would be a nice way to make sure the last product had an impact on the game.


RLC made noises about how cards felt like they were being costed about right in the most recent cycle.


Agreed. Although even in that case, it is a really good statement about where the design team was at in the end. I can’t think of any cycle (or other deluxe) where almost 50% of the cards* were this level of playable.

*59 cards delivered out of a theoretical 120 card cycle.


Can someone please clarify for me how Daruma works?

Approach is after passing ICE right, and also doesn’t leave a chance to jack out. However any advancement counters would either move (if swapping with a card from another remote) or be removed (if swapping with HQ).

Am I right?


<So in that sense, I’d think we were just leaving <the “first phase” of the game design–even <though it took 5 years to do so.

Don’t forget that this game was an evolution of the 1994 Netrunner too. Playing that version of game today feels so crude and primitive. The decades of evolution and refining that has gone into this and the fact that there is still fresh design space being explored is kind of breathtaking.


Approaching the server is step 5. The Runner has an opportunity to jack out later at step 5.2. Swapped cards keeps their hosted cards/tokens unless it leaves the zone. So if you swapped the with another server, everything remains the same besides the location. If you swap with HQ, all hosted items are gone.

This is a more flexible version of Toshiyuki Sakai, that also cannot get into an infinite loop.


Just got my Reign and Reverie and noticed the sweet flavor reference on Fly on the Wall: “Only half as annoying as the real thing.” That’s got to be a Breaking News reference, right? :smile: