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The Geist Zeitgeist


Spy Camera + Tech Trader always seemed good to me. Just hopefully Bazaar does something to make it faster.


I ran into a Geist Spy Camera list before it was officially released on Jinteki, and it beat a NEH FA list I was using pretty handily. Setup time is an issue potentially, but the Cameras are free money with Tech Traders and are effective at saving the runs and setting up Agenda sniping in the early and mid game to help while you build your board. If you snag an Agenda or two off the top of R&D, you can slow down even Fastro decks. I would still give the edge to the Corp, but the Camera builds likely do better in that matchup that traditional Geist decks pre-Spy Camera.


yeah, been toying around with this list the last few days (the one from NRDB, with a couple tweaks of my own) and it definitely feels like there’s a lot of potential there. even with the setup time from hostage, it’s worth it to get all three traders online as it makes your econ acceleration really take off. The NEH matchup feels… ok. you have to lean pretty heavily on “siphon is good against NBN” and while you can definitely struggle to get set up, once you’re rolling you can move really really fast and make some great, high value runs thanks to spy camera and shutdown effects, etc.

dropping the B&E suite is totally the key to tech trader; the traders make you rich, but you need a re-usable way to get value from all that money.


I’ve just started playing around with spy camera, but it feels very strong- really turns technical writer into a powerhouse. @unitled, you dropped the B&E suite, how’s that been working for you? I decided to try keeping it alongside the 6 spy cameras to really double down on trash effects.

Also, since we’re running multiple hostages, I decided to run a tutor package of connections, with 1-ofs of scrubber, film critic, political operative, and (edging into jank territory) oracle may and the source. Oracle May has been very interesting- if you can get 2 spy cameras into play, and only draw once a turn, then it turns into 3 clicks for 2 cards and 4 credits- roughly equivalent to pro co, with a much cheaper set up cost, but needing multiple cards to get going. Not sure how good it is, but its been interesting to try, and may have potential.

Here’s my list, although its not very tuned yet:

Spy Geist

Armand “Geist” Walker: Tech Lord (The Underway)

Event (7)

Hardware (10)

Resource (16)

Icebreaker (12)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Democracy and Dogma

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


I’m on the move now so can’t do too detailed a post, but broadly since i dropped them I’ve not looked back. With a levy, 3 clone chips and 3 of the Fracter, I can get into a server with two barriers in it 6 times. That’s it.

I can add a corroder yeah, but if I do that what is my benefit from adding the breakers? I need to find several in order have a saving over just a fixed breaker, then install them all, blah blah… Once you take them out you instantly save up to 9 slots, then you can take other support cards like autoscripter.


I like to think of the B&E suite as economy cards, not breakers. I agree that you can’t use them as your only breaker since it’s just too easy to be locked out. The downside is that it’s situational economy (you need to run to cash out; it requires support) and you need to include a link source (though I think Sports Hopper will make the link a non-issue since Geist loves this card anyway). But the advantage is that the economy is just scarily efficient once you get the ball rolling.


Not far off of where I’m at, although I’m on Off-Campus with Globalsec Security Clearance. The thing I find toughest with the deck is spending all the money once I get rolling, almost want an RDI.


Sports Hopper - what the heck do we do with this card?

It should be good, and it has a link. But what do we do with that link? B&E seems too slow to get going, but I don’t see another use that isn’t Underworld Contacts. Without Tech Traders out it’s a bad Quality Time, so we need them out quick.

Where do we go from here? Should we ditch Forger and forget link as a plan? Should we go all-in on Account Siphon/Crecentus? What do we do about asset spam in these decks? It’s starting to get really easy to find Geist triggers on cards we want to play (e.g. Political Operative, Same Old Thing, Sports Hopper). Maybe a regular rig can work out?

3x Account Siphon
3x Hostage
1x Levy AR Lab Access •••

3x Forger
3x Sports Hopper
6x Spy Camera

3x Fall Guy
2x Political Operative
3x Same Old Thing
3x Tech Trader


I agree here, the breakres should be used along with regular breakers. I’m not running clone chips and have had a few good games with reflection over forger or the missing link.


Once Hopper comes out I’m moving to a forger/desperado hybrid.


FWIW iv had a ton of success shoring up the early game for geist by including security chip. Its 3 inf for all 3, but if you have at least 2 link (i was using access to globalsec but reflection/forger is probably the correct way of buffing link for geist decks) you can very quickly turn on your breaker suite without having to dig for extra cloud breakers. Plus its a draw when used, and if like me you included some 1x static breakers it has a very nice added bonus in that the breaker retains the strength buff for the whole run, so you can happily buff mimic to str 5 and breeze past bigger sentries.


In my Geist decks I’ve opted for Peacock over Passport. I’ve had many corps try to stack code gates on the remote in an attempt to lock me out of it, assuming I was running Passport. I don’t see Passport as enough better to really be worth throwing a Crowbar at a Quandary every time I want to run the remote.

Does anyone ever have trouble with code gates (especially very cheap ones) on remotes?


I think you abandon the link plan and go with the only true blue console. sports hopper is there as your plascrete which has some actual utility once tech traders are online.

I wouldn’t bother with forger seems like a waste of a deck slot given the trigger is conditional.

if Levy and 3 desperado then your main problem will be how to divide up the remaining 9 influence between having a 2 copies of a functioning barrier/code gate breaker in your suite AND multi-access, no space for any recursion.


I always went for siphon lock first and foremost, then remote pressure when they couldnt do a decent job of mounting a defense over the remote. You can usually just win off HQ with legworks if you get a decent siphon lock going. Iv seen people slotting Zu though to good effect, inf is a bit savage though.


Hugely. I think CyCy/Passport was the best solution to this with 3 Crowbar. Without 3 Crowbar, you’re running into the standard ‘Criminal can’t break Code Gates’ problem.


I really like Crash Space for tag removal and scorch protection. I feel like it is a natural fit in Geist since it is like a Plascrete that pays to clear tags. Has anyone else been trying this card?


Influence spread?

1 Levy
2 Desperado
1 Corroder
1 Inti
1 Cycy

Breaker suite: 1Corroder/1Inti, 2Faerie/2Mongoose, 1Passport/1cycy.

(Forger = Sports hopper)


The Turning Wheel isn’t too far off and will help with multi-access on R&D. Then you can simply hammer HQ as usual with 2x Legwork and timely sniping of Remotes. I’ve tested it both ways, and so far I did miss the B&E in a few games. They really are a great source of economy once you’re setup and threaten remotes, allowing you to spend influence elsewhere.

Also, Spy Camera is pseudo-R&D access. It helps alleviate some of the need for R&D dig beyond maybe a singleton TME or RDI.


I dont think spy camera works as rnd multi access as it doesnt get you past the card you see. It does make hq access a lot better though.

Turning wheel is pretty neat actually as your running hq plenty anyway, which builds up turning wheel so you can then dig rnd.


My point is that we’re likely including Spy Camera to begin with, and part of the use of the Camera is to peek at R&D on off turns. Doing so occasionally helps to mimic R&D digging so long as you’re still running R&D occasionally to keep the Corp honest. It also lets you see fresh cards when they’re doing their typical Museum or DBS nonsense each turn. It isn’t a complete tonic, but it’s useful in addition to multi-access, and since Criminals don’t get any influence-free R&D dig, it’s the best we can get ATM. It also plays well with B&E, since you can make the R&D runs more impactful. In conjunction with The Turning Wheel, I think it could be strong.