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Titan Transnational


From my testing so far, it definitely seems the Supermodernism path is the way to go rather than fast advance. Currently I’m playing with the agendas - is the Mark Yale/Firmware Updates combo better than running Hostile Takeover in this shell?

incidentally, how is nobody calling this Transmodernism yet?


Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future (Order and Chaos)

Agenda (11)

Asset (8)

Operation (12)

Barrier (5)

Code Gate (4)

Sentry (7)

Other (2)

17 influence spent (max 17)
21 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


I did call mine Transmodernism a long time ago, but the deck never felt like it was worthy of the name. :blush:


IMO nothing is better than the 3x Hostile 3x Atlas package in Titanism.


Yep, they’re so strong it’s hard to argue with them.


all your ICE is gear check; you’re not trying to tax the runner. that’s why you can frack up and takeover and not care. sure val might blackmail you but she was going to do that from turn 1 anyway :smile:

only ones bp really helps is the smc crew

just made a noise really sad by first turn hostile out of hand, leaving all servers naked, then second turn Archer’ing a remote and plopping Atlas in there. I ended up winning 7-0 =), although on his last turn he milled the final 2 points into archives, but didn’t have any clicks left to steal them. Titanism is such a fun deck, I finally feel like the aggressor as the Corp again and am enjoying playing Corp which I haven’t done in a long time


Folks running Supermodernism variants in Titan, is there anything in particular you’re doing to counter Eater/Keyhole shenanigans? I’ve struggled against it quite a bit in a couple games.


Other than the counter cards, play aggressively on scoring your agendas in remotes. They don’t have any tricks to get in that doesn’t involve installing breakers.


If for some reason, you’re able to have a 3 atlas token and a False Lead Scored, you should be able to win in 3 and half turn by :

  • Fetch the High Risk Investment and Install/Advance/Advance in remote.
  • At the second click, Use your False-Lead to force the runner to lose 2 clicks
  • Score the High Risk Investment

Depending on what you got in your hand, you can either use the 2 remaining token and the High Risk Investment to Sea Double Scorch or fetch 2 Hostile Takeover to finish at 7 points.


so far Atlas is the Agenda I find myself losing to Central accesses most often, obviously it’s totally random but games would be a lot easier if I could find 1 or 2 Atlas before my opponent


It does feel like the Astro/Nisei MkII of that deck. Amazing if you draw it, heartbreaking if they steal it.


To be fair, you only need to find a single one most of the time. I’ll rather mulligan for Atlas If my starting hand is so-so :slight_smile:


you know what they say, twice is nice =)


What’s the recipe for Yale usage in this list? Since this is a gear check deck, I assume one should embrace all the bad pub he can get, so Geo-Frack normally and Yale mainly off Hostiles and False Leads?

Bad pub decks were always vulnerable to Blackmail, but isn’t this now a valid concern since the card might actually see some play nowadays?


It also gives one more cred for Atlas/fracking usage , can pass for an unadvanced agenda and force a run or get usage of fracking during your opponent turn if you really need to rez an archer …


Been playing both a mix of @shmyberfeeder and @Calimsha Titan, and between 3x Snares, 3x Yale, or 2x Yale 2x Jackson 2x Snare, you have plenty of things to toss into a remote to bait blackmail. Yes, it’s kind of a luck game, but at least those blackmails arent medium digging or being used on Archives after a Keyhole.

Titan directly upgraded Supermodernism, imo. Using 1x Wormhole -1 Yale for great effect. You have both program trashing and ETR live very quick so it always has options, Baits a d4v1d counter, best paired with Archer.


It seems to me the best way to beat Titanism is to just build board state and lock down remote. It can only score 3 points out of hand. Granted, it can try to race you, but I feel that PP Kate would just destroy this deck. Then again, it destroys many decks. Remote runs aren’t too pricey for Runner generally, worst is about an Archer + Lotus Field, but it’s nothing like Blue Sun Glacier. Also the deck is pretty vulnerable to Legwork and Siphon, basically any HQ pressure actually. Gabe would probably give it a hard time.


Against Kate it is a pure race. If you don’t win before Kate gets rich/plascreted you might as well concede. Thankfully Titan seems to be more rushy than previous supermodernisms due to being able to threaten Atlas without even advancing it. Still, probably toolboxy Kate will ruin the corps day - you can’t get econ and remote play package early every game, right?

Packing Snares I’m ok with HQ pressure that requires the runner to access. Siphon and Wanton Destruction are not what you want to suffer though for sure.


Shattered Remains is a thing. Kate will probably check every double advanced card in a remote. With High-Risk Investment you don’t care how much money the runner has, you can use 2 clicks to have 2x runner’s creds.


Problem is the runner player will probably call your bluff all day. With I’ve Had Worse being a thing Titan player won’t find a slot for Shattered - dead card against new anarch meat protection.


Shattered Remains fires about 90% when I get it in my NEH, I don’t think that runner will easily call that bluff.
I Had Worse may be an obstacle, but runner doesn’t end all his turns with 5 cards and I Had Worse on hand (especially with Housekeeping). Besides, killing is a threat, not the main win condition.