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Hayley Kaplan: Click Decompression

my #livingthedream with that deck was getting my hardware wiped by a triple advanced shattered remains, only to davinci the 2nd plascrete (my version had 2) from hand.

I will say that it’s not for every deck; I don’t like it near as much in a more “big-rig” hayley setup where the memory can get really tight and the runs don’t start until you’re more set up - but in this deck or in @x3r0h0ur’s excellent faerie builds it is a real workhorse.

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After some play testing tonight against NEH FA, I think cutting 1x Harbinger for a 3rd Clone Chip is probably an improvement. If you need money, you can fire CC to grab one of the econ programs. If you need clot, the 3rd chance of recursion can keep you in the game.

The main disadvantage I see is installing hardware doesn’t combo with as many low-cost targets, but against FA the extra clot recursion can be crucial.

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Sure, that’s a thing. Admittedly, I’ve never done it myself, because I’m a coward (and because losing one of your Supports can be a real speed bump, and there’s no guarantee the corp won’t swerve to take it out).

You are not playing Sac Construct in your list it seems. I play Sac construct which is bonkers against the first CVS since the corp need two purges to actually get rid of the clot, if they want to score without a window for me. (they advance, I CC the Clot, they purge and then they can go on rezzing san san and stuff without a window for the runner UNLESS Sac Con keeps the clot alive).

So, Sac Con acts as a 3rd CC only for clots against FA and as Batty safety/ Aesop’s food against all the other corps.

Harbringer is 6 credits, a CCed Cache is 5 credits-1 for the install of the CC in the first place. If technical writers installed =2 then it evens out, if Technical writers=3 then the CC is better…hmmmm OK, I will try the 3rd CC. I am sold :slight_smile:

Still you should try the Sac Con, it is really great and easy to install together with another resource.


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You’re right, I slotted Sac Con and made NEH cry. Purge resistance on Clot is huge.

I’ve been testing against Foodcoats, NEH FA, and Jinteki PE. This deck is better than anarch against FA – by a lot. Strong econ powers breakers through the anti-AI/Faust hate ICE and trashes assets and upgrades. Haley seems a little slower against Foodcoats, but with a strong shutdown in the mid-late game with strong pressure on centrals; add the ability to Escher into anywhere, and late game favors Haley. I don’t really have much to say about PE, Deus Ex would be nice I guess? but I don’t see enough net damage around to justify a card slot. Shrike is nice against Komainu, but the match still mostly comes down to mind games.

Overall I see this deck as a pretty strong matchup in the current meta.

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10/10 would sac con again.

Anyone testing some Wasteland jank. Taking a break from ‘good’ hayley, I put this to good effect in a few games, the recovery from 0 creds is hilarious: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/593387


I’d say cheap perma-clot is the main reason to play Hayley.

And it really is perma-clot. Letting a potential ManUp through because eh, they still can’t FA a damn thing is priceless.

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I have and I think @hypomodern said he was trying it out too. I think it’s good, but not for the faint of heart. It has 3x Wasteland, Hostage, 3x CC, couple of Peddlers, and Clot. Sacrifices had to be made so I have an all Shaper breaker suite: Ram, 1x Chameleon, Blade and to deal with all kinds of corps: 2x Atman. I think it hard deck to play.

It did do very well at last weekend’s 16-person SC. Carrying me to top 4 by beating NEH, RP, and Blue Sun and losing to another Blue Sun when he got a first turn OAI Orion behind another ice and being able to rush to 5 AP behind giant ice before I got my first Aesop’s. Didn’t get to play runner in elimination, where my BaBW deck, that was designed to beat Dumblefork (and nothing else :confused:) ran into non-Anarch runners, since none of them made the top 4, and promptly lose.

Yeah, I have been running and tweaking a wasteland Hayley build over the past couple of weeks. It started out as Drug Dealers + Wastleand, I swapped the DDs for Proco and that’s been a better draw engine. As good as the clickless draw was (and it is really good), the credit loss and influence cost was too much. My current influence is in 1x CC, Wastleands, Shrike for sentries, Cache + Scheherzade, and #SlotTheClot. Breakers are Snowball (tiny rush barriers, no big deal), Study Guide, Shrike, and then Atman for problem solving.

It’s a hard deck to play for sure. If you don’t get Aesops life is miserable; some games you get Aesops but no Caches, etc. But there are some pretty glorious turns where you’re on 0c as the Corp’s turn ends but you sacrifice a DaVinci to install a cache (getting wasteland money), forking into something else (both on schehe), then sell the Cache to Aesop’s to double-dip the wasteland money. 0 => 10+c in no clicks feels so rude. Harbinger might be better than Cache here too.

With just one sacrificial construct and no way to tutor it, perma-clot is just not a thing. Rushy decks predominate my area, so the slow setup time with the wastelands, etc. has been a major downside, but it does have good game against kill decks; I’d underestimated bookmark as a tool there. I’d say if Glacier or midrange corp games come back, this is a solid style. One thing I’d like to figure out is how to pressure HQ; FA/Rush decks tend to have to leave HQ vulnerable while they dig/fast track past R&D lock; I’d like to rejigger the influence to find room for that (maybe -Clot / - Sac, + Legwork?).

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I’ve considered the Ball for barriers, but it seemed rough to pay 3 for a WoS or 5 for an Eli. So I decided on Ram. The biggest issue with the Ram is the 2 MU. So I threw in a Leprechaun, to see if it would work because I wasn’t a big fan of it from trying it out in other decks and even earlier iterations of Hayley/Pawnshop. Then, I thought, I can throw in Hyperdrivers and use them even mid/late game. Long story short, Hyperdriver is AMAZING in a ProCo deck :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve also come around to Leprechaun, having a tutorable source of MU is so nice. It allowed me to go down to one copy of Maya and not have MU-problems. I also have 2x Inti because it breaks ALL barriers in NEH, basically blanking 60-80% of their ETR ice. I need to practice the matchup more, but I think NEH is a very favorable matchup for this Hayley (and I don’t even have SacCon). I’d lean towards adding HQI or Nerve Agent in Hayley. NA being tutorable and sell-able is nice, there’s not much reason to defend HQ much, so you can blast it for a few runs, clear out anything tricky, then leave the threat out a bit if you can lock their remote, which may induce a purge, then just sell it to get your investment or more back.

I’ll argue that we don’t need perma-clot, just a clot resilient enough to stop the corp from being able to close the game on FA. Using @ZiNOS’s build, I typically dig through the entire deck, or at least through 3/4 of it, by the late game. This gives me ample opportunity to find the 1-off Sac Con and HQI.

Backing up Clot with SacCon should stall the corp for a few turns, during which time hitting HQ for multi-access is a strong play against an NEH relying on FA to score.

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Right, but the deck (or at least mine) doesn’t have HQ multiaccess. Without that the clot stall just isn’t super effective. Thus my thoughts about how to get some of that in there. I like the Nerve Agent idea, but it’s also 2 inf… Wasteland’s big downside here is that it is a major influence sink.

How do you have deck slots for all the tech cards, Tim :slight_smile: ! It is your greatest strength as a deckbuilder, I swear. I’m not running Maya for MU, actually: 1x Astro and 3x Akamatsus because they’re cheap and extras can be sold. I don’t tend to have MU issues, so I could swap snowball for battering ram + inti, but then I’d need to make yet more slots :). Snowball has been fine, though: lots of Weyland in the meta means lots of stacked barriers, so the efficiency has been almost on par.

Not a good deckbuilder by any means, but my theory for the Wasteland build has been save influence (since Wasteland takes so much) and lean heavily on Aesop (that’s why I added Hostage: to get me an extra 9% to get Aesop’s in my opening grip) for econ and things that synergize with Wasteland. I cut Cache/Harbinger, because they need influence, and put in cheap tech/enabler cards like Init, Paricia, DaVinci, Hyperdriver, Peddlers, Artist Colony, Film Critic. If they are useful in the match-up, I use them for a time, if not then they are usually a clickless 2-6 credits. That’s the theory at least.

I think I see the line of thinking that is causing your problems. Extra MU is a big burden to pay even if it costs only 1 credit, its 3 cards and 3 deckslots. You should carefully consider if you can reduce your programs instead of increasing MU. Do you even really need the MU? Maybe you could have afforded to sell a program to free up MU instead of using that Akamatsu.

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I am coming to believe that any strong anti-FA build needs HQ multi-access and/or HQ trashing to really maximize the window that clot can open for you, because just like corps can’t keep runners out of servers forever, runner’s can’t keep corps from FA forever


Legwork+Utopia Shard or HyperDriver+Wanton Destruction are my preferred techniques depending on your appetites.

I just check HQ from time to time, that seems to be enough to get it done for me. I lose maybe 1/20 games specifically just because I wiff on HQ. Not worth the Inf spend IMO. Slot escher, thats your HQ pressure.

To each his own. I freely admit and actively encourage different influence spends to better suit each player’s meta and playstyle. I know that I am bad about consistently checking/pressuring HQ, so I am more dependent on multi-access to add some extra power to my checks when I do make them.


I played Haley yesterday in a Madison SC and went 3/2 before the cut, loosing my elimination games. Five people out of thirty three were running Haley making her the most popular runner at the event. I’m really enjoying her right now but I feel like she has some draw-dependent inconsistencies in her early game that I’m trying to tech my way out of.

Everyone I talked to (myself excluded) was running something like 2x Artist Colony and 3x Fan Site- which I think is very cool, but I would rather slot programs and hardware that synergize better with the technical writers. Is Artist Colony/Fan Site the way to go? I’m thinking of adding DaVinci back into my deck as a two or three of, but that doesnt feel as effective as the colony combo.

This is what I’m working with ( http://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/575624 ) post-SC. Kati was slotted in case the games go long, but now that HB is running cheaper ice, I’m not sure if its really necessary. Sacrificial construct is strong, but is effectively an Easy Mark in non-yellow matchups so I dropped down to one and am considering dropping it altogether (as Spags and the other Haleys I talked to did yesterday.) D4v1d was the deciding factor in me winning two games (one vs Blue Sun and one vs NEH) and totally a non-factor in the other four. I still definitely think its worth the slot.

I see quality time is often used but do people use Earthrise hotel much? it’s one extra card and can trigger Haley’s extra install.