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"High-variance decks"

The Warren MI (detroit) regional was rampant with butchershop. I used a first round bye, then played 3 NEH butchershops, 0 losses, then I played 1 in elim, and it beat me for the first time when it killed me missing my IHWx2 in hand.

Oh and I was running a deck that is basically butchershop, so theres that too.

This deck is everywhere right now.

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Yep, he beat me at final table to move onto top 4, was a fun deck, and I was just happy to not lose to NEH or RP :slight_smile:

finally i have a reason to keep that paper trippin in my leela deck that has been dead weight for six months lol. its been relevant once and it actually did counter a midseason out of TWIY and won me the game. my idea was since i was running security testing and siphons it might be nice to spam siphons and then if the corp let the sec testing/kati stick around turn them back on. good in theory but not so good in actual play lol

@x3r0h0ur I love how your avatar is MemStrips :laughing:

Anyone mind linking me to where Dan stated his opinion on this beautiful card? xD


@x3r0h0ur curious if we met at the tournament? what were you playing? butcher shop also wrecked me in the top 8, when a traffic accident missed my IHW before the scorch.

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No way! But you can have this best of:

Also while we’re at it, now I remember taking a pretty insulting screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:


We didn’t play, I was maxx eater siphon wanton and butchershop varient. I had the military style olive green hat on and regionals playmat. I think when I was on table 2 you were next to me, like round 4.


I cannot like that post enough :smile:

Do you mean his biotech deck? I’ve played against his IG several times and can safely say there is no biotic in it. It is a hardcore murder deck and very scary to play against.

Mod edit: user @dogs has voluntarily enrolled in Project Junebug and, in a totally unforeseeable accident, tragically flatlined. RIP dogs.



Yeah I mixed the two of them up. No idea what his IG looks like. @Zeromus?

Jinteki Corporation has no information to provide at this time.


I pray every night to our savior JHow that the deck prominently features a Chairman Hiro that costs 10 to trash.


It’ll have DBS, Ash, server diagnostics, melange, Crisium, etc I assume. I’ve got a strong IG list that’s just too slow to play in tournaments, I’m curious if Chris had found a way to speed it up.

Oh and Hokusai/Ronin/shock, the other best IG cards.


I think it’s more likely something akin to his PE list, with Overwriter, Ronin and Mushin No Shin.
It’s Zeromus we are talking about, the master of jinteki kill deck and shell game =D

I can attest to seeing all of those things.

One of these things is not like the others.


3 IGs! CT, Valencia, MaxX, Nasir, and Andy are all more unique than Kit or IG on that list ;).

But yeah: @Zeromus is Chairman Hiro’s Right-Hand Man, no joke.


IG is secretely amazing; I think I want to build with it next; especially now that eater’s 80% less popular.


That fact that it has strong synergy with Power Shutdown as well as Lotus Field in faction may or may not have anything at all to do with said awesomeness.

The ID ability is totally absurd. Crick put it over the edge though. The only issue is speed for tournament play.